Get a Tone Body with Yoga

Get a Tone Body with Yoga

Get a Tone Body with Yoga

Yoga is an amazing way to change your body. It is entirely possible to tone your entire body using the wide variety of yoga poses available. The key to getting a toned body with yoga is depth and variety.

If you are new to yoga, you will experience your muscles in an entirely new way as you begin your yoga practice. Yoga pushes your muscles to work differently than exercises with barbells, bands, and weight machines. This is a good thing. Many who add a yoga practice to their physical routines port that the muscles become toned and grow to be leaner and longer than with other types of weights.

The best way to receive the toning results of yoga is to continually take your poses deeper. Pushing yourself further into each pose will require the activated muscles to work harder. You can also increase your body tone by holding each pose longer. Working muscles to the point of maximum potential is a technique used by body builders all of the time. You can use the same principle in yoga to build your muscles. The main difference is that yoga uses your own body weight so you can experience increased toning without becoming bulky like a muscle bound body builder.

Once you have mastered several yoga poses, it will likely be that you need to change up the poses that you are moving though. Variety is important to prevent a tone plateau.  There are as many different yoga poses as there are people who practice yoga.

To give you an idea of which types of poses work which areas of your body, let’s look at a few of the most basic poses to see what they can do for you. You will be pleasantly surprised that the poses, while focusing on a main area, still provide muscle toning benefits to other areas of your body.

Dog Pose – Both upward dog and downward dog work your back muscles, which are essential to core strength and having a lean back to show off. You can go deeper into dog pose by lifting a leg into three-legged dog pose which also puts more weight on your arms, toning them as you go.

Plank Pose – Quite possibly the most well-known yoga pose, this move is used by almost all disciplines   of exercise because it is so amazing at strengthening, and thereby toning, the body. The core muscles, arms, legs, and buttocks are all used in the plank pose. The longer you can hold this pose, the better your results will be. And when you are able to go deeper into this pose by using a number of different variations, you’ll see more toning results.

Intense East – For the more experienced yoga practioner, this pose thoroughly works your triceps and upper back which keeping the back of your legs and buttocks working too.

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