Julie Gouldsberry Loses 8 pounds in 2 Months!!!

May 25, 2011

Personal Trainer Log

Julie Gouldsberry Loses 8 pounds in 2 Months!!!

Now Julie knows first hand the huge difference it makes to combine a great nutrition AND exercise program.  You have to have both!  Julie is one of our Lite for Life Counselors and had great results with the Lite for Life program. Even though Julie was exercising she hit a plateau. (Sound familiar?)   Julie scheduled a consult with me and I told her that although she is exercising, because she isn’t changing up her routine and she is doing mostly cardio, her body has adapted to what she is doing and is just maintaining at this point.  We started her on a personalized exercise program and BAM the weight started coming off!  Since Julie started exercising consistently and became involved in a training program she has lost an additional 8 pounds in 2 months!  When Julie called me last week she said “Coral my husband told me last night that I looked skinny!” It just goes to show that for the best results you must have proper nutrition and exercise!  Way to go Julie!  I can’t wait to kick your butt again tomorrow! ;)

For more info and to schedule your free fitness consultation please contact Coral: coral@losgatosfitness.com or 408-354-5808.

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